Character Equipment Housing Crafting Breeding World Misc
Classes Paladin Guild Hall Forge Hatchery Zones Treasure Troves
Disciplines Mage Home Materials Eggs Dungeons Silver Sigils
Talents Rogue Charms Pets Monsters Mounts
Spellbook Artisan Skills NPCs & Quests Dyes
Statistics The Lore Levels
Zone NPCs Quest Description
Black Rose Mire Alderman Abbod Tower of the Tuatara Drive the Tuatara from the tower east of Sark.
Black Rose Mire Alderman Abbod Svar's Spite Drive the Svar general from the ruined keep.
Black Rose Mire Afric Lair of the Ooyak Slay the Tuatara's Colossal Carnisaur.
Black Rose Mire Afric Citadel of the Vizier Challenge Vizier Hslat in his lair.
Black Rose Mire Gehrin The Great Green Svath Cut off the head of this dragon invasion.
Black Rose Mire Gehrin Arachnae's Swamp Fight you way up the road to Castle Hocke.

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