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Black Rose Mire Leld Banners of the Tuatara Collect the banners of the lizardmen.
Black Rose Mire Gretta Get Spider Fangs Seek spider deep in the swamp to help the healer.
Black Rose Mire Dane Mistery of the Yornak What is the Yornak? And what treasure does it keep?
Black Rose Mire Rose Overgrown Well The well begin the ticket is overrun with Devourers.
Black Rose Mire Palok Lizard Squatter Send the Tuatara packing.
Black Rose Mire Headwoman Gran Get Tuatara Great Helms Hunt the Greater Tuatara throughout Black Rose Mire.
Black Rose Mire Sugh The Hut Monster A monster has invaded the farmer's hut behind the hill.
Black Rose Mire Odem Mindless Queen's Glade Find the source of this Devourer plague.
Black Rose Mire Affric Deeper into the Swamp Meet with ranger Afric and see what he's found.
Black Rose Mire Gehrin The Last Town Meet with Gehrin to learn more.
Black Rose Mire - Felbridge Richan Bandit Problem Make contact with the Warden of Felbridge.

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