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Disciplines Mage Home Materials Eggs Dungeons Silver Sigils
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Soulthief Icon The Dark Arts
Tier 1 Hex Blade Hex Blade Devour Devour
Tier 2 Chaos Wave Chaos Wave Butcher's Boon Butcher's Boon
Tier 3 Necrotic Surge Necrotic Surge Shadow Scythe Shadow Scythe
Disipline Masteries Heavy Daggers Heavy Daggers Carnifex Carnifex
Soul Reaver Soul Reaver Ghost Blade Ghost Blade

Carnifex Carnifex
Rank Training Costs & Times
Rank 1: Deliver a devastating double strike that Binds a single enemy.
Mana Costs: 20.
Rank 2: Increased damage.
Mana Costs: 20.
Gold Find 41,194
Time 21h
Rank 3: Increased damage.
Mana Costs: 20.
Gold Find 85,170
Time 1d 6h
Rank 4: -2 Mana Cost.
Mana Costs: 18.
Gold Find 164,549
Time 2d
Rank 5: Increased damage.
Mana Costs: 18.
Gold Find 304,292
Time 3d
Rank 6: -2 Mana Cost.
Mana Costs: 16.
Gold Find ????
Time ????
Rank 7: Increased damage.
Mana Costs: 16.
Gold Find ????
Time ????
Rank 8: -2 Mana Cost.
Mana Costs: 14.
Gold Find ????
Time ????
Rank 9: -2 Mana Cost.
Mana Costs: 12.
Gold Find ????
Time ????
Rank 10: ????
Mana Costs: ????
Gold Find ????
Time ????
Final Stats: ????
Mana Costs: ????

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