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Statistics The Lore Levels
Zone NPCs Quest Description
Cemetery Hill Captain Gar Gnole's Storehouse Liberate the storehouse from the gnoles.
Cemetery Hill Captain Gar Wither the Witch? The witch Yagara was last seen at her mausoleum home.
Cemetery Hill Yagarah Embodiment of Evil The Gnoles and Nephit are raising dead in nearby tomb.
Cemetery Hill Yagarah Undying Vendetta What is Nephit doing in the tomb of Cornelius Hocke?
Cemetery Hill Yagarah Mausoleum of the Wise Investigate the tomb in search of Nephit's whips.
Cemetery Hill Yagarah Rising Damned End Nephit plans to raise every corpse in Ellyria.
Cemetery Hill Yagarah Gnole's Last Stand Defeat the gnoles and secure the crystal mines.
Cemetery Hill - Felbridge Yagarah Outpost Report Return victorious to Felbridge.

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