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Every class gets access to new advanced power sets called Disciplines. There are 3 exciting disciplines available for all three classes!

Train your Paladin in the way of the Sentinel, the Justicar or the Templar.

Transform your Mage into a Flameseer, a Frostbringer or a Necromancer.

Let your Rogue study the mysterious arts of the Shadowstalker, the Viperblade or the Soulthief.

Each Discipline comes with awesome new abilities and a unique play style!


Sentinel Blessed by the Storm Gods, you draw enemy wrath upon your imregnable form and focus the tempest until you become the Lightning Avatar and smite all who stand before you.
Chivalric Prowess

Justicar With righteous fury from the Flame of Justice coursing through your body, you leap into the fray, a blaze of attacks swirling through the enemy ranks.
Sacred Castigations

Templar Infused with the Numinous Essence, you shine a searing, sacred light into the darkest places, healing the worthy and inflicting blinding agony upon the wicked.
Theurgical Devotions


Flameseer Touched by an Essence of Fire, you throw caution to the wind with every explosive inferno you unleash upon the enemy, incinerating all but leaving you vulnerable among the ashes.
Infernal Circle

Frostbringer Channelling the Eternal Winter, your icy conjurations keep the enemy hordes at bay and protect you from harm while frozen doom descends upon all who oppose you.
Winter Order

Necromancer Tainted by the Curse of Undeath, you fear no foe, raising armies of hungry ghouls to feast upon your raising unfortunate enemies, your own power and immortal essence grows with every victim they claim.
Accursed Coven


Viperblade You have forsaken all safety for the Pure Death; you know the perfect strike, the incurable venom, the hidden cut that dooms your chosen foe to certain annihilation.
Ambush & Onslaught

Shadowstalker You have sacrificed yourself to the Shadow Court, becoming a deadly trickster who strikes from afar, appears everywhere at once, and terrorizes enemies from the darkness.
From the Shadows

Soulthief You have mastered the heresies of the Codex Carnifex; you know that true pain comes with the death of the soul and that true victory takes a foe's life force as your dark reward.
The Dark Arts

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