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Hatching eggs will give you pets. There are 5 colored eggs with 4 types of egg patterns. The color on the eggs provide information about the pet's equip bonus, here are the following colors bonus:

Yellow = Gold
Green = Experience
Red = Gear Find
Blue = Material
White = Random

Unlike other colored egg, White eggs give you a pet of random color. While the color determines bonus, the pattern on the eggs which include The Striped, Speckled, Elaborate, and Shiny eggs each choose from 3 of the 4 pet subtypes, so they're much more random. Each pattern excludes one type of pet.

  • Elaborate eggs wouldn't hatch Avian type of pets.
  • Shiny eggs wouldn't hatch Dragonic type of pets.
  • Striped eggs wouldn't hatch pet from the Netherworld.
  • Speckled eggs wouldn't hatch Antediluvian type of pets.

Eggs types (Magic)

Magic Eggs Types
Name Description
Speckled White Egg I found this one in my aunt's chicken farm.
Elaborate White Egg Found this one in some old goblin caves.
Striped White Egg This was stuck up in the trees when I came across it.
Shiny White Egg Picked this egg up while walking the beaches, looking for driftwood.

Eggs types (Rare)

Rare Eggs Types
Name Description
Speckled Red Egg Found a whole nest of these in an abandoned forge in the mountains.
Speckled Yellow Egg Found this one with the divining rod my uncle left me.
Speckled Blue Egg I have to line the nest with hemlock to hatch this one.
Speckled Green Egg You want to give a good sniff every day to make sure it hasn't gone rotten.
Elaborate Red Egg A blacksmith from back West traded these to me for some candied dates.
Elaborate Yellow Egg This was buried deep with some pirate booty.
Elaborate Blue Egg My cousin ate one of these once. Broke all his front teeth.
Elaborate Green Egg This one needs to be rotated every time the wind blows from the East.
Stripped Red Egg Keep these in a nice warm place. But not TOO hot or it will cook.
Stripped Yellow Egg No telling exactly how valuable the beastie in here will be.
Stripped Blue Egg Did you know you can stand this egg upright during the equinox?
Stripped Green Egg These need an hour of sunlight every day or they come out depressed.
Shiny Red Egg These have very hard shells, so you might need a hammer to hatch it.
Shiny Yellow Egg Handle in with special care, or you'll make it temperamental.
Shiny Blue Egg These need to be polished with fine grain sandpaper or they come out sullen.
Shiny Green Egg These like it if you sing a sweet song at sunset while they're waiting to hatch

Eggs types (Legendary)

Legendary Eggs Types
Name Description
Ruby Draconic Egg Draconic eggs like this are almost impossible to find outside the Sleeping Lands.
Amber Draconic Egg This beauty comes all the way from the top of Stormshard Mountains.
Saphire Draconic Egg Almost lost my left leg snatching this prize draconic egg from its hidey-hole.
Emerald Draconic Egg This one was sunk deep in Black Rose Mire, where the dragons thought I couldn't find it.
Ruddy Avian Egg This avian beauty come from species everyone else thought was extinct.
Saffron Avian Egg Can you believe that in Valhaven, they cooked these rare birds for the Emperor?
Royal Avian Egg The feathers of these birds used to crown the ancient queens of Ellyria.
Verdant Avian Egg Finding one of these beautiful eggs is said to augur a lucky new year.
Bloodshot Antediluvian Egg You need to keep this rare egg as hot as possible, or it will go cold and perish.
Xanthous Antediluvian Egg This egg dates back to the First Empire, over a thousand years ago.
Azure Antediluvian Egg Even I didn't believe these blue beauties were anything more than folk legends.
Verdigris Antediluvian Egg The rest of the world thinks these don't exist. I won't tell you where I got it.
Sanguine Netherworld Egg Of course eggs have ghosts! Well, these eggs do anyway. Angry, angry ghosts...
Tawny Netherworld Egg You can get only these beauties during a Harvest Moon in accursed graveyards.
Cerulean Netherworld Egg These were buried with warlocks to serve them in the afterlife.
Sage Netherworld Egg When a dying god has a final wish, it's stored in one of these eggs.


  • Magic eggs will pick a pet at random from one of these four categories of pet types. The more expensive patterned Rare eggs will pick one at random from three categories, and as for the really expensive Legendary eggs will pick from just one specific category corresponding to the eggs' given name.
  • Neither the egg description and the cost will give information about the specific pet in the eggs. Currently, there is no method of determining what pet you'll get.
  • The eggs will only hatch magic pet, regardless of the egg's rarity.
  • The hatchery gives you set of eggs for every 20 hours. Eggs

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