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Touched by an Essence of Fire, you throw caution to the wind with every explosive inferno you unleash upon the enemy, incinerating all but leaving you vulnerable among the ashes.

Types of Talent Points / Talentstones

Attack Talentstone. Attack Talentstone Increases Attack.
Defense Talentstone. Defense Talentstone Increases Defense.
Expertise Talentstone. Expertise Talentstone Increases Expertise.
Health Talentstone. Health Talentstone Increases Health.
Recovery Talentstone Recovery Talentstone Increases Recovery.
Accelerate Talentstone Accelerate Talentstone Increases Burn Damage.
Napalm Talentstone Increases Maximum Number of Burn Stacks.
Intensity Talentstone Increases Scorch Duartion.
Steadiness Talentstone Increases Critical Chance.
Pyromania Talentstone Increases Maximum Number of Scorch Stacks.
Element Mastery Talentstone Increases Elemental Critical Effects.
Conserve Talentstone Casting a Combat Ability pauses Master Mana drain briefly.
Blaze Talentstone Set off an AoE burst when you attack a Burning enemy with Fire damage.
Harmory Talentstone Gain Bonus Damage to to the next Combat Ability cast within 3 seconds of a Master Ability.




  • If you use 20 Talent Points in the Talent Tree, you will unlock the Pyromania, if you use 40, you will unlock the Draconic Soul.
  • If you want to unlock the spell 5 and 6 with not Talent Points from you "Tome of Power", you must be level 50.
  • You can take Talent Points form the "Tome of Powers". Example: Twisted Nethertotem (Shadowstalkers' Tome of Power).
  • You can resets all Talent Stones in your Talent Tree with a Respec Stone.

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