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Channeling the Eternal Winter, your icy conjurations keep the enemy hordes at bad and protect you from harm while a frozen doom descends upon all who oppose you.

Types of Talent Points / Talentstones

Attack Talentstone. Attack Talentstone Increases Attack.
Defense Talentstone. Defense Talentstone Increases Defense.
Expertise Talentstone. Expertise Talentstone Increases Expertise.
Health Talentstone. Health Talentstone Increases Health.
Recovery Talentstone Recovery Talentstone Increases Recovery.
Chilblains Talentstone Chilblains Talentstone Increases Chilblains Damage.
Bind Strength Talentstone Bind Strength Talentstone Increases Enfeblee and Weaken effectiveness.
Bone Chill Talentstone. Bone Chill Talentstone Increases Chill effectiveness.
Piercing Cold Talentstone Piercing Cold Talentstone Freeze Reduces Target Defense.
Lingering Chill Talentstone Lingering Chill Talentstone Increases Chill Duration.
Dry Ice Talentstone Dry Ice Talentstone Ice Root takes a percent of your Expertise before breaking.
Ice Casket Talentstone Ice Casket Talentstone Freeze takes a percent of your Expertise before breaking.
Frost Bite Talentstone Frost Bite Talentstone Increases maximum number of Chilblains Stacks.
Cold Hearted Talentstone Cold Hearted Talentstone Reduces Frost Shock Penalty.


Frostbringer Tree.. Coldsnap Conduit Lvl 10


  • If you use 20 Talent Points in the Talent Tree, you will unlock the Tundra Wyrm, if you use 40, you will unlock the Hailstone Embrace.
  • If you want to unlock the spell 5 and 6 with not Talent Points from you "Tome of Power", you must be level 50.
  • You can take Talent Points form the "Tome of Powers". Example: Twisted Nethertotem (Shadowstalkers' Tome of Power).
  • You can resets all Talent Stones in your Talent Tree with a Respec Stone.

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