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A Status effect is a temporary condition for a character in the game with some kind of a positive or negative effect. These are also often called buffs and debuffs. Status effects can affect player characters or Mobs, and for once cast by players are usually applied by using a player Ability.

Simple stats

  • Attack: Determines the damage you deal to enemies, the higher it is the more damage you deal.
  • Expertise: Determinse the range damage you deal to enemies,the higher it is the more range damage you deal, also it affects healing recieved,bleed and poison.
  • Defence: Reduce the amount of damage you take from monsters.

Status Effects

  • Hate = Enemy aggression, attention and attack efforts are focused on specific targets.
  • AoE = Area of Effect, an attack or action that has an effect in the general area you cast in.
  • CC = Crowd control, any form of stun, status effect, or attack that hinders movement/actions.
  • Crits = You have a chance to deal double damage.
  • Critical power: You deal more damage in every crit. hit.
  • Critical Chance:more chance to deal double damage or more, it depends on your crit power.
  • DoT = Damage over time, ticks of damage over time through the use of a skill.
  • Attack speed: Determines the speed of your basic melee and range attacks.
  • Blind: Lowers the  accuracy of a mob providing a chance of avoiding an income hit. 
  • Stun: Prevents any mob from taking any action until the effect ends.
  • Lifethief: Is a status effect which returns a proportion of damage dealt as health.
  • Recovery:Is a status effect which heals you over time.
  • Weaken: Is a status effect that reduces one of the targets offensive primary (damage).
  • Bleed: Causes "Rapid" loss of HP over time.
  • Poison: HP decreases gradually.
  • Hemorrhage: You deal extra damage in every crit chance.
  • Criple: Lowers the mobs movement speed.
  • Bind: You have a chance to deal extra half damage your power delt.
  • Curse: Is a status effect that boost movement speed at 50% and also boosts ghouls of necromancer mages.
  • Scorch: With more scorch you do more damage with the next attack (Flameseer mages).
  • ChilBlains: It's a status effect that cause damage over time (Frostbringers mages).

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