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With righteous fury from the Flame of Justice coursing through your body, you leap into the fray, a blaze of attacks swirling through the enemy ranks.

Types of Talent Points / Talentstones

Attack Talentstone. Attack Talentstone Increases Attack.
Defense Talentstone. Defense Talentstone Increases Defense.
Expertise Talentstone. Expertise Talentstone Increases Expertise.
Health Talentstone. Health Talentstone Increases Health.
Recovery Talentstone Recovery Talentstone Increases Recovery.
Inmolation Talentstone Increases Ignite Damage.
Acid Edge Talentstone Increases Effectiveness of Armor Bane and Armor Break.
Volatile Talentstone Gain a Critical Chance Bonus vs. Ignited Targets.
Corrosive Strikes Talentstone Increases Armor Bane and Armor Breaker durations.
Heavy Blows Talentstone Increases Heavy Blow Critical Effect.
Fury Talentstone Gain a Damage Bonus for 3 seconds when you reduce a target to 0 HP. 10 seconds cooldown.
Fire Shield Talentstone Damage Nearby foes when melee attacked by an Ignited enemy.
Zeal Talentstone Add a percent of your expertise to your attack.
Pain Eater Talentstone Gain an Attack Speed Bonus for 5 seconds when you fall below 20% HP. 15 seconds cooldown.


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