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When crafting, the Materials are used to powers up your Material Pools of making better charm. Put materials into a pool to power it up. The higher the rarity the quicker your pool will power up. Rather than just using a single material type, spreading materials out among all of the different types will gives you a better chance of making a rare/legendary charm.

Materials are easy to be found upon killing monsters. There are six different types of Materials drops by various elemental monsters.

(Trog), (Infernal), (Undead), (Mythic), (Draconic), (Sylvan).

Material Types

Material Types


Magic Rare Legendary
RubyDraconic Draconic Magic Materials Draconic Rare Materials Draconic Legendary Materials
AmethystInfernal Infernal Magic Materials Infernal Rare Materials Infernal Legendary Materials
EmeraldSylvan Sylvan Magic Materials Sylvan Rare Materials Sylvan Legendary Materials
TopazUndead Undead Magic Materials Undead Rare Materials Undead Legendary Materials
DiamondTrog Trog Magic Materials Trog Rare Materials Trog Legendary Materials
ZirconMythic Mythic Magic Materials Mythic Rare Materials Mytthic Legendary Materials

Material Drops

Material Drops
Ruby Draconic Lizards, Raptors, Flames, Humans.
Amethyst Infernal Eyebat, Rock Hulks, Constructs, Humans, Scorpions, Abominations.
Emerald Sylvan Dryads, Devourers, Spiders.
Topaz Undead Spirits, Skeletons, Ghosts, Orbs, Mummies.
Diamond Trog Rocks, Cyclops, Goblins / Wizards, Rats, Demons.
Zircon Mythic Lions, Imperials, humans, Bandits, Minotaurs.

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