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Increases your movement speed by 40% while mounted.

Mount List

Image Name Information Cost Rarity
Hatebreed Charger Hatebreed Charger These baneful creatures stampede this land between the living and the dead feasting on wandering souls. Silver Sigil. 3200 Legendary
Ivorystorm Guardian Ivorystorm Guardian Born of holy ritual, these creatures are said to have fallen from the heavens of the ancient gods. - Legendary
Stormhoof Stallion Stormhoof Stallion These elven-trained warhorses can gallop faster than the Eastern wind and are just as temperamental. Silver Sigil.. 640 Rare
NoPreview The Nightmare Legend has it that these entities guard the realm of the Shadowlands. Once a year when the moons align they can be spotted in the darkest of comers. - Rare
Buckskin Horse Buckskin Horse The Buckskin Pony regards you patiently. He knows the trail, won't wear down, and never misses his chance to eat.

100 Mammoth Idol.

Black Stallion Black Stallion Faded battle scars criss-cross the stallion's black coat. This is a sturdy companion in your fight. 100 Mammoth Idol. Magic
NoPreview Destrier Proud bearing, immaculate coat, rich barding. The Destrier is a steed for kings and kings at heart. 150 Mammoth Idol. Magic
NoPreview Light Horse She's a regal horse and a trusty steed. A natural unicorn? Only her groomer knows for sure. ​150 Mammoth Idol. Magic
NoPreview Kirin This elegant criature roams the plain lands and has become very popular and domesticated. ​150 Mammoth Idol. Magic
NoPreview Snarglak You can see this beast was once ridden by Desert Orcs. How it came to this land is anyone's guess. ​150 Mammoth Idol. Magic
NoPreview Artic Megalynx Not quite man's best friend, but if well fed the Megalynx purr heavily. ​150 Mammoth Idol. Magic
Brimstone Fangrasaur Brimstone Fangrasaur The smell of sulfur and ash hang heavy around this brooding monster. The Fangrasuar eyes you warily. ​150 Mammoth Idol. Magic
NoPreview Short Coat Wolfbear A creature that is part wolf, part bear, all Wolfbear. 340 Mammoth Idol. Magic
Albino Wolfhare Albino Wolfhare Remarkably, the beast lays eggs. You Should no circumstance attempt to dye them. ​340 Mammoth Idol. Magic
NoPreview Mojack The best-in-show breed is stalwart and wise. Due to its rarity if you have no money you can get Mojack. ​340 Mammoth Idol. Magic
White Mare White Mare The Mare stamps with impatience, Her restlessness says "Adventure awaits. Why are we still standing here?" ​- Magic
NoPreview Longma - ​- Magic
NoPreview Red Water Drakken A cautionary tale for those brave enough to ride this beast; treat it well or red is the last color you wil ever see. ​- Magic
NoPreview Masked Crypthound - ​- Magic
NoPreview Ancient Crypt Walker Little is known about these re-animated constructs. Misteryously, they pierce the veil with a cold lifeless stare ​- Magic



  • The Magic Mounts are no longer available for purchase after the new patch update. At the moment, there are only two Legendary mounts and one Rare mount available for purchase from Treasure Trove and the Sigil Store.

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