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Blessed by the Storm Gods, you draw enemy wrath upon your imregnable form and focus the tempest until you become the Lightning Avatar and smite all who stand before you.

Types of Talent Points / Talentstones

Attack Talentstone. Attack Talentstone Increases Attack.
Defense Talentstone. Defense Talentstone Increases Defense.
Expertise Talentstone. Expertise Talentstone Increases Expertise.
Health Talentstone. Health Talentstone Increases Health.
Recovery Talentstone Recovery Talentstone Increases Recovery.
Heroism Talentstone Gain Recovery for 5 seconds when you fall below 20% HP.
Taunt Talentstone Increases Hate Generation.
Resilience Talentstone Reduces the effectiveness of Debuffs that decrease your stats.
Blessed Talentstone Reduces the amount of damage you receive from Damage Over Time offects.
Fervor Talentstone Add a percent of your expertise to your max HP.
Vigor Talentstone Health for a percent of you expertise whenever you use a Combat Ability.
Dominate Talentstone Gain a Critical Chance Bonus vs. Staggered and Stunned Targets.
Rapid Recovery Talentstone Increases Tenacity.
Conviction Talentstone Add a percent of your Expertise to your Defense.
Sentinel Armor Talentstone Add a percent of your Expertise to your Defense.


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