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Treasure Troves come as rare drops from fallen foes and contain a secret assortment of goods and gold. You'll find exciting rewards such as the splendid Darkheart Apparition and the astonishing Ivorystorm Guardian!


Treasure Trove Rewards
Image Name Rarity
Ivorystorm Guardian Ivorystorm Guardian Legendary
Darkheart Apparition Darkheart Apparition Legendary
Class Gear Class Gear Legendary
Exotic Charms Exotic Charms Rare
Top Tier Dyes Top Tier Dyes Rare
Forge Catalysts Forge Catalysts Rare
Random Lvl 10 Pet Random Lvl 10 Pet Common
Pet Food Pet Food Common
Piles of Gold Piles of Gold Common
Silver Sigil Silver Sigils Magic

Cost of Dragon Keys and Treasure Troves

Cost of Dragon Keys
X 1 Dragon Key Dragon Key. 22 Mammoth Idol.
X 10 Dragon Keys Dragon Key. 210 Mammoth Idol.
X 25 Dragon Keys Dragon Key. 470Mammoth Idol.

Dragon Keys Shop

  • This icon only appears when you ran out of Dragon Keys.
Cost of Treasure Troves
X 1 Treasure Trove Treasure Trove. 50,000 25px-Gold Find
X 10 Treasure Troves Treasure Trove. 375,000 25px-Gold Find
X 25 Treasure Troves Treasure Trove. 625,000 25px-Gold Find

Treasure Trove Store.

  • This icon only appears when you ran out of Treasure Troves.


  • The keys can only be purchased by buying idols Mammoth Idol.
  • Unlike the gears in your armoury, the Class Gears are only obtainable by opening Treasure Troves.
  • Every Trove also includes a cache of Silver Sigils, which you can redeem for special items and ingredients at the Sigil Store.
  • All Exotic Charms are either Rare or Legendary only. Visit the Miscellaneous Charms page for more info.

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